Baby food from fruits, berries and vegetables holds an important place in the nutrition of children. It is an unexpendable source of useful nutrients - vitamins, organic acids, pectins, minerals. These gifts of nature expand and enrich a baby's diet. For several decades we have been producing fruit, vegetable, fruit and vegetable and fruit and berry juices and purees under the trademark "Toptyshka." Only natural and fresh fruits and berries are used as raw materials for our products. We do not use dyes, preservatives and flavors. That’s why you can introduce natural juices "Toptyshka" into your baby’s diet when it is only four months old. Nutritional value of juices is determined primarily by their natural sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose), which are rapidly absorbed and oxidized in the body and are easily digestible sources of energy. Another important component of the juice is organic acids (apple, lemon, etc.). They contribute to the process of digestion, which is of particular importance for children of the first year of life. The presence of pectin in many fruit and vegetable juices determines their radionuclide- protective and antitoxic effect due to the ability of pectin to bind and remove radioactive elements, heavy metals and toxins from the human body. The range of vegetable and fruit purees produced by the enterprise is wide. Among them there are one-component fruit and vegetable purees for the first complementary food and various combinations of fruits, berries and vegetables for older kids. A significant part of our products does not contain sugar.
The plant produces fruit - and - berry and vegetable purees from natural and high-quality raw materials - fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, without the addition of preservatives, dyes and any other artificial components. Modern equipment and technology, as well as strict laboratory control, makes it possible to obtain a quality product packed in special aseptic bags with a capacity of 200 kilograms. During its production puree preserves natural color and smell of processed raw materials due to short-term sterilization.
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